Happy Eid Al Fitr

Assalamualaikum to all Ragnarok Muslim admins, GMs and players,

Today is the first day for Eid Al Fitr for all muslims. I just want to say Happy Eid Al Fitr.

A time for joy,
a time for togetherness,
a time to remember my blessings..For me… it’s you! May Allah Bless you &
Give you all the joy you bring to my life!

raya 2016

Steal?Absolutely not!

If you say I’m steal that theme,  you got proof?Did I sell it?use it?or give to other people?

I can’t believe this. For many years I keep helping people about Ragnarok, now I know someone talk at my back and accused me for stealing theme. What???? I’m help you. Not steal! Seriously I really wanted to say something to that guy who accused me. I totally disappointed with him who I treat him as brother. Now, you already know everything about Ragnarok. I will say congratulations for that. I will not look back anymore. Thanks for everything, BRO.

5 years as a Admin / GM / Developer

What I think about Ragnarok….a place I got new friends….also….enemies?

I still remember the day I become GM (TrillionRO) and Admin (MomoeRO) for the first time. I learned everything about Ragnarok from someone. Its been 5 years I develop a Ragnarok server. Its really fun when I know that I able to develop a Ragnarok Private Server like others who already successfully make a Ragnarok Server. When make Ragnarok server, its not that we can get a perfect server. Patience and hard work are important when making a Ragnarok Server. Even official got bugs sometimes and takes time to fixed it. In Ragnarok, giving up is not an option to make a successful server.  Bugs just a normal problem that you will found when make a server. All bugs can be fixed if you keep trying find solution to fix it. So, no need to give up… =)

Friends in Ragnarok? Not all can be called them as your own REAL friend….

The day I was about to give up after I got lot server problems, I left XerexRO. Then, I come back handle my own server. I met few friends from my own server and BersihRO. They really nice with me. Even, they give me advice not to give up. After almost 1 year, I lost my 2 best friends. I really miss them lot. Still remember those memories with them. Sometimes, I think….why I keep help those people who didn’t care if I got problem when handle my server? Not all can be trusted these days. It’s not like I hope they will help me back. The reason I help them…not because I want become popular. I like helping people. But…did they see me as their friends? Some of them maybe yes….some of them maybe no. Even some of them keep using me for their own good. But…it’s ok…all become pasts now….. Thanks for those who support me before. Be careful when you want to trust someone…even he/she are your best friend…. Racist, Backstabbers, Cheaters, Scammers? There are everywhere……

What if I return as a Ragnarok developer like before?

I don’t think it will same like before. Too many admins and GMs already quit ro and focus their real life. I admit Ragnarok is a nice game to play with friends without cheating and scamming. What I hope is…I can continue develop a Ragnarok Private Server like before when I was become an admin of MomoeRO which is my first Ragnarok server for the first time. For those who still develop a Ragnarok Private Server, keep up a good work and don’t easily give up when got problem.

P/S : Sorry for Noob English. =)


Many newbie developers still did not know about iteminfo.lua / lub.Format

[30021] = {
unidentifiedDisplayName = “BBro_Sword04”,
unidentifiedResourceName = “BBro_Sword04”,
unidentifiedDescriptionName = {
identifiedDisplayName = “EFOM Flamious Staff”,
identifiedResourceName = “BBro_Sword04”,
identifiedDescriptionName = {
“A Staff belongs to Flamious Magician of EFOM”,
“MATK+ 10”,
“MDEF+ 10”,
slotCount = 0,
ClassNum = 2019

[30021] = Your item id. This one is example only.

unidentifiedDisplayName = Your item’s name (Just for display. No need to follow files name) before magnified

unidentifiedResourceName = file name prefix used for all the images and drop sprite before magnified

unidentifiedDescriptionName = Your item description before magnified

identifiedDisplayName = Your item’s name (Just for display. No need to follow files name) after magnified

identifiedResourceName = file name prefix used for all the images and drop sprite after magnified .refer your item’s name at your accname.lua / lub

identifiedDescriptionName = Your item description after magnified

slotCount = number of slots

ClassNum = refer your item’s viewid at your accessoryid.lua / lub

Compile from Lua to Lub

Example Files:


Open Command Prompt (cmd)

Lua Files Files are Located @ H:
cmd started on C:\Document and Settings\Admin
I went back 2 directories so i type cd.. 2x
now you are @ C:\
now i need to go to H:
so i typed H:

next now that im on H:

Format is

H:\>luac.exe -o “accessoryid.lub” “accessoryid.lua”

after that press enter
and boom your lua is compiled to lub

How to add custom item [LUA FILES]

Download this LUA FILES using TortoiseSVN or any SVN checker/downloader whatever!:
Lua Files

-Client Side
-Server Side

lua files/data info/accname.lua






We’re now done on how to add the “SPRITE”… next step….

go to:

lua files/data info/accessoryid.lua





We’re now done on how to add the “ViewID”



File to edits:

1st STEP:




2nd STEP:




3rd STEP:




4th STEP:




::Server Side::


20000,Akatsuki_Hat,Akatsuki Hat,5,20,,100,,2,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,31,2,256,,0,1,1000,{ bonus bLuk,2; },{},{}


20000,Akatsuki_Hat,Akatsuki Hat,5,20,,100,,2,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,31,2,256,,0,1,ViewID,{ bonus bLuk,2; },{},{}

Please refer lua files/data info/accessoryid.lua to check the viewid of the headgear.

this guide is work on RENEWAL CLIENT the “RagexeRE CLIENTS” do not use other client it won’t work

How to setting drop rates

Open up /conf/battle/drops.conf and look for the following

// The rate the common items are dropped (Items that are in the ETC tab, besides card)
item_rate_common: 100
item_rate_common_boss: 100
item_drop_common_min: 1
item_drop_common_max: 10000

// The rate healing items are dropped (items that restore HP or SP)
item_rate_heal: 100
item_rate_heal_boss: 100
item_drop_heal_min: 1
item_drop_heal_max: 10000

// The rate at which usable items (in the item tab) other then healing items are dropped.
item_rate_use: 100
item_rate_use_boss: 100
item_drop_use_min: 1
item_drop_use_max: 10000

// The rate at which equipment is dropped.
item_rate_equip: 100
item_rate_equip_boss: 100
item_drop_equip_min: 1
item_drop_equip_max: 10000

// The rate at which cards are dropped
item_rate_card: 100
item_rate_card_boss: 100
item_drop_card_min: 1
item_drop_card_max: 10000

// The rate adjustment for the MVP items that the MVP gets directly in their inventory
item_rate_mvp: 100
item_drop_mvp_min: 1
item_drop_mvp_max: 10000

// The rate adjustment for card-granted item drops.
item_rate_adddrop: 100
item_drop_add_min: 1
item_drop_add_max: 10000

// Rate adjustment for Treasure Box drops (these override all other modifiers)
item_rate_treasure: 100
item_drop_treasure_min: 1
item_drop_treasure_max: 10000

All item_rate_* values can range from 0 to 1000000 (100 = 100%) and item_drop_* values can range from 1 to 10000 (100 = 1.00%). The meaning of the lines is explained using the common items block, but can be applied to other blocks as well (read the comments of each block, to see, what they refer to). Where there is no ‘boss’ line, it is simply not applicable to differentiate between normal and boss monsters.

100 = 0.01%
1000 = 0.1%
10000 = 1%
100000 = 10%
1000000 = 100%